This blog focuses on issues and solutions to racism, culture, cultural difference(s), and social injustice(s) for Black and Hispanic students as they develop in families, schools, and communities. RACE (Racism, Achievement, Change, Equity) is a forum for exposing injustices, but also sharing stories, examples, practices, ideas, theories, models, and research for change.

Balck History “TRASHED”

Black history has often been trashed… relegated to second class or NO status.. now it is literally been trashed. My heart aches. My ancestors weep.. and racists rejoice.


Comments on: "Black History “TRASHED”" (2)

  1. They don’t see us as worthy enough to honor, yet they study us so well that they are able to set effective, ensnaring traps and convince (too many of) us that we deserve to be mistreated, misinformed, misused, and miseducated. For they know, if truth be told, black people have been and are the intentional objects on all these misses…

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