This blog focuses on issues and solutions to racism, culture, cultural difference(s), and social injustice(s) for Black and Hispanic students as they develop in families, schools, and communities. RACE (Racism, Achievement, Change, Equity) is a forum for exposing injustices, but also sharing stories, examples, practices, ideas, theories, models, and research for change.

Psycho Psychologist… this is sick!!


Comments on: "Psycho Psychologist… this is sick!!" (2)

  1. Mark (Twain) Traina, you have lost your mind! And you’re dillusional too; thinking you’re not a racist. The sadness about it is, you probably believe that LIE you’ve told yourself and have taught (and ruined) your children, if you have any (hopefully you don’t). I’m not going to argue with a fool; you, Mr. Psycologist are a fool. You are the one that needs to suffer the fate of the very remedy you propose for black boys and men. You’re entitles to your thoughts but in the position you speak from it sounds like you are proposing lethal action. That is completely UNACCEPTABLE!!! But thanks for removing all doubt that you are a fool; fool.

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