This blog focuses on issues and solutions to racism, culture, cultural difference(s), and social injustice(s) for Black and Hispanic students as they develop in families, schools, and communities. RACE (Racism, Achievement, Change, Equity) is a forum for exposing injustices, but also sharing stories, examples, practices, ideas, theories, models, and research for change.

I share many of these sentiments!!


It’s 2014 and while I’ve never been one to make new year resolutions, I do engage in deep reflection at the start of a new year. Something that has been on my heart (as they say in the Church), for which I am presently developing the words to convey, is my decision not to teach at a Historically Black College or University (HBCU).

Or rather, my decision to teach at a predominately white institution (PWI).

Because really, I never decided against HBCUs; I decided in favor of PWIs.

I decided in favor of teaching where I would be most effective. In favor of teaching to affect and effect change. In favor of teaching what I knew.

And what I knew was that my life experiences had not prepared me to teach at an HBCU.  In fact, they’d prepared me to do the exact opposite: to teach white students. This is…

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Comments on: "A Black Professor’s Decision to Teach White Students" (1)

  1. Teddi Beam-Conroy said:

    Powerful – felt connected and jumped when she said she grew up in NE DC. Thank you for sharing.

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